$$ \color{gray}\mathbb{\huge BRETT} $$

$$ \color{gray}\mathbb{\huge MURRAY} $$



I’m Brett and currently live in the Bay Area. By day I am a bartender, but I do more than make killer drinks. I am quite the weather enthusiast, as well as a runner. I am married to a hunk and have a couple fur babes. While I love my adventure, I also appreciate time to relax. People tell me I’m a huge bubble of energy, and they are not wrong!

$$ \color{gray}\mathbb{\huge BREANA} $$

$$ \color{gray}\mathbb{\huge WHITTINGTON} $$



Oh hi! Breana here to introduce myself. So — I live in The Pacific Northwest. During my weekday 9-5 life I am an Insurance Analyst. I have a huge true crime interest and devour many podcasts during my work day. In my free time I am crafting: knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross stitching, or embroidery. I am also married to a hunk, and have 2 fur babies (one has an Instagram too: @ashthepancakecat).

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